Are Whippets Better In Pairs?

Whippets are generally speaking very calm and well mannered however whippet puppies do have the reputation of being very naughty and then they calm right down .

Personally I would not get two pups together however if you were to rescue an already bonded adult pair then that would be fine .

Do Whippets need a companion?

No, you don’t have to wear a flat cap to own one – but whippets are one of the best pets you can have. Loyal, friendly and full of character, they are faithful companions who bring a lot of fun to your family.

Can Whippets be left alone?

Well trained and adjusted Whippets can be left alone for a maximum of eight hours though this isn’t ideal. Whippets are social dogs who prefer company. Crate training or adding another Whippet for companionship can help if the dog must be left alone at home.

Can 2 Male whippets live together?

Generally two dogs of opposite sex get along better in the same home although I know of same sex whippets that live peacefully together. If you choose dogs of opposite sex, you would have to consider spaying/neutering your whippets if you don’t want to breed and for your peace of mind.

Do whippets like to cuddle?

They may look cat-like and aloof, but most of these dogs are real snugglers. Whippets are playful but gentle dogs. In addition to being one of the most affectionate breeds, whippets are also funny, clever, and playful.

Where do whippets like to be stroked?

She loves having her cheers rubbed in circles. Her sides, with long, gentle touches, shoulder to hips. If she’s laying on something super soft, she’ll roll onto her back to get her her belly rubbed.

Do Whippets bite?

They are not prone to snapping, so they are good with young children so long as the children are gentle with them. Instead of biting or growling, many Whippets confronted with children who are too loud or physical with them often look for a place to hide.