Quick Answer: Can Puppy Mill Dogs Be Rehabilitated?

The first thing to understand about puppy mill survivors is that they have lived very different lives compared to most other dogs.

Amazingly, even with this type of background, puppy mill dogs can and will recover, once rescued and rehabilitated.

Do puppy mill dogs make good pets?

Once rescued and adopted out, these dogs can make great, loving family members. Julia & Mark’s dog, Chauncey, is a puppy mill survivor. Housetraining is probably the most striking issue that can come with puppy mill dogs. Almost all of these dogs will have problems knowing where to go.

Should I adopt a puppy mill dog?

Puppies removed too young from their mother and littermates, at 6 weeks of age, may also develop behavior problems including aggression. With a lot of patience, persistence, compassion and love, having adopted a puppy mill rescue dog will be an enriching and rewarding experience for the adopter.

How can you tell if your dog is from a puppy mill?

11 Signs a Puppy Is From a Puppy Mill

  • Poor Housing Conditions. Puppies ideally should be whelped and raised in a home environment.
  • Puppy Parents Are Unavailable. Source.
  • Multiple Litters.
  • Designer Breeds.
  • Lack of Medical Care.
  • Behavioral Problems.
  • “Dirty” Puppies.
  • Paperwork Not Required.

How do you adjust a puppy mill dog?

Sit and talk quietly while gently petting or massaging your dog. It is best to do this an area where she, not necessarily you, is the most comfortable. She probably won’t like it at first, but given time she’ll adjust. Some dogs sadly, never will adjust, and we’lll talk more about them later.