Question: How Long Should You Wait To Get Another Dog?

Is it bad to get another dog after one dies?

Getting another dog after yours has died can be an emotional time, but you’ll know when the time is right.

For instance, if you feel guilty about the circumstances of your dog’s death or if you want a new one to ease the pain, it’s okay to wait a little while before getting a new dog.

How soon should you get another dog after one dies?

Some people only wait days to weeks, possibly because they cannot bear to go long without a canine companion. Others need several months to years before they are ready to bring a new dog into their lives.

Is getting a second dog a good idea?

If your dog has any history of fighting with other dogs or any kind of dog-dog aggression, then adding a second dog is not a good idea yet. That means training each dog separately, then training the two together. It’s a lot of work! Having one poorly trained dog is bad enough, but having two can cause chaos.

Do dogs need another dog?

Of course, dogs need to be well socialized so they can go around with us, but according to some experts dogs are perfectly happy with or without other dogs around. Well cared for domestic dogs don’t have to join forces with other dogs to survive.