How Much Does It Cost To Ship Live Animals?

The average cost to ship an animal is $2.00 per mile for shorter distance transport and $1.30 for longer distance transport.

Can I ship a live animal?

Send live animals through the domestic mail system.

It is possible to ship some kinds of live animals domestically. In general, mammals can never be shipped through the mail system. The most common animals approved for domestic shipment are live bees, birds and poultry, and small (non-venomous) cold-blooded animals.

How much does shipping a cat cost?

The cost to transport a cat depends on the distance and the needs of your pet. On average, it costs $1.54 per mile to ship your cat less than 100 miles, but costs $0.42 per mile to transport your cat less than 1000 miles.

How much does it cost to ship live fish?

Fish and Invertebrates

Live Fish SubtotalShipping Cost
Live Fish Subtotal Up to $59.99Shipping Cost $30.00
Live Fish Subtotal $60.00 to $174.99Shipping Cost $35.00
Live Fish Subtotal $175.00 or moreShipping Cost FREE!

How do you ship live reptiles?

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