Question: Is It Illegal To Sell Kittens In A Pet Shop?

Pet shops and dealers in England will be banned from selling puppies and kittens under government plans.

The proposals, which have gone out to consultation, will mean those wanting to buy or adopt a pet less than six months old will have to go to the breeder or a rescue centre.

Is it illegal to sell kittens?

A new law is being introduced that will mean pet shops are not allowed to sell kittens and puppies, unless they have bred the animals properly themselves. The puppies are often separated from their mothers too early and sold on websites or from pet shops.

Do you need a Licence to sell kittens?

Most states require the disclosure of a breeder’s license for those selling puppies and kittens. While disclosure of an animal’s age and health is required throughout the U.S., certain states have additional requirements.

Does pets at home sell kittens?

Of course, we love puppies and kittens as much as other animals but we recommend that you obtain them from a reputable local breeder, who will be able to provide specific breed advice. Check out the Puppy Index in store for details of local breeders.

Do you need a Licence to sell animals?

(a) All pet dealers must possess a license; licenses must be renewed annually; licenses will not be issued, and may be revoked, if cages and facilities do not meet proper standards of sanitation and/or will result in inhumane treatment of animals. Minimum ages of animals to be sold: 8 weeks for dogs and cats.

How much do kittens sell for?

Typical costs: Adopting a kitten or adult cat from a shelter usually costs between $50 and $100. Purchasing a pet quality purebred kitten from a breeder usually costs between $300 and $1,200 depending on the breed and color.

What does Lucy’s law mean?

Lucy’s Law is a regulation which limits the sale of puppies and kittens as pets in England. It is named after a spaniel called Lucy who was used for breeding on a puppy farm in South Wales.