Quick Answer: What Category Do Pets Go Under On Craigslist?

What category do you put pets under on Craigslist?

Diamond Member.

On the main page, pets are in the community section.

How do I post under pets on Craigslist?

How to Post a Lost Pet on Craigslist

  • Visit www.craigslist.org.
  • To the right of the page, you’ll see three columns with a list of cities, states, countries.
  • On the very top right of the website, select “post”.

Can you rehome animals on Craigslist?

Craigslist.org is an online forum where users can place classified ads for just about anything. The site allows users to post ads to re-home, but not to sell, pets of all kinds.

What is a rehoming fee for pets on Craigslist?

When rehoming a pet to someone you don’t know, it is common to charge a rehoming fee. On average, this can range from $25 to $100. A rehoming fee can help you recoup charges for vaccinations, spaying, and neutering, and help cover your expenses.