What Do I Do With My Hamster I Don’t Want?

What to do if you dont want your hamster?

If you don’t want to take care of your hamsters any longer, bring them to the pet store, bring them to a vet, bring them to a friend.

But never release a pet into the wild.

Do hamster like to be held?

Hamsters can be trained to enjoy and tolerate being held. They are timid by nature, which means they can be fearful when being held for the first few times. Hamsters are prey animals, so when a giant hand swoops in and tries to grab them, they’re likely to panic and try to defend themselves by biting.

What does a hamster like to play with?

In addition to wood chews, cardboard can be provided for chewing (and hiding). Hamsters also love cardboard tubes from paper towel and toilet paper rolls and there are now commercial tubes that are a bit sturdier and are said to be safe for chewing (e.g. Totally Chewbular Play Tubes).

Do Hamsters need wheels?

Hamster wheels allow hamsters to cover the miles and miles of distance they would in the wild, within the confined space of a cage. Despite most cages having a small surface area, a hamster can still release all the energy it needs using an exercise wheel.