Quick Answer: What Scents Relax Dogs?

One of my favorite oils to use for promoting calm and relaxation is lavender.

Pairing it with cedarwood kicks up the calming effects even more.

Frankincense is another of my go-tos.

Chamomile, orange, lemon, sandalwood, rose, and bergamot are also great choices.

What scents are calming to dogs?

How to Use Aromatherapy to Make Your Dog Happier

  • Chamomile – deep calming, soothing pain relief. Lavender – sedative, mental clarity.
  • Cedar – grounds and reduces panic. Cypress – soothes frazzled emotions.
  • Bergamot – anti-depressant. Tangerine – soothing to the nervous system.
  • Contains homeopathic amounts of:

What essential oils relax dogs?

With so many oils and methods to choose from, here are 8 essential oils for dogs to get you started:

  1. Cedar Oil.
  2. Lavender Oil.
  3. Lemongrass Oil.
  4. Citronella Oil.
  5. Frankincense Oil.
  6. Peppermint Oil.
  7. Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Blue Tansy, Orange & Patchouli Oil Blend (Peace & Calming)

Does lavender help dogs with anxiety?

Anxiety Relief

Lavender is most known for its calming properties… not just for humans, but for dogs as well. Sometimes our groomers will rub some lavender oil on their hands when handling a dog that is particularly nervous about being groomed. Breathing the lavender helps to reduce their anxiety and stress.

How can I help my dog relax?

Physical contact: try petting your dog or sitting near him and check to see if his anxiety symptoms subside. “Physical contact helps both humans and dogs relieve anxiety, fear and stress,” Konecny said. Exercise: anxiety can sometimes create uncontrollable energy, Konecny said.