Quick Answer: Why Do Dogs Age Faster Than Cats?

There is a misconception that, similarly to dogs, cats age seven times faster than humans.

Once cats turn 2, they are actually closer to the age of 24.

Dogs mature more quickly than we do early on.

So the first year of your fuzzy friend’s life is equal to about 15 human years.

Do dogs age faster than cats?

Dogs and cats age more rapidly than humans. For cats, one human year is roughly equal to 6 – 7 cat years. For dogs, it’s slightly more complicated, as size and weight also has an impact. Generally, the heavier and larger the dog, the more swiftly they age.

Why do cats and dogs age faster than humans?

Dogs age more quickly than humans because they have a higher metabolism, their bodies work harder, and they have different genetic make up than humans. A dog’s heart beats much faster than a human’s, and their bodies just tend to wear out more quickly than a human’s.

Why does a dog age so fast?

The reason that dogs can reach full sexual maturity after only a year is that our canine friends age faster during the first two years of their lives than humans do. Compared to humans, dogs age more quickly at the beginning of their lives and slower toward the end.

Why do some animals age faster than others?

Brain size in relation to body size provides some insight, as animals with larger brains live longer, reach sexual maturity slower and reproduce in smaller numbers. Another theory states that metabolism, and its resultant expenditure of an animal’s tissue, is to blame for aging.