Question: Why Do Pugs Shed So Bad?

The fawn pug’s undercoat is constantly growing and pushing the hairs on the upper coat out, hence the constant shedding.

Unlike some breeds, the pug doesn’t shed seasonally.

He sheds constantly.

The fact that he prefers an indoor life means the shedding will become pretty noticeable in the house.

How do I stop my pug from shedding?

7 Tried and Tested Tips To Minimize Pug Shedding At Home

  • Daily hair brushing will also minimize pug shedding– and a great way to bond with your pet, too.
  • Bathe your pugs regularly using a deshedding shampoo.
  • Dry off your pet after bathing with a towel or a cool-blow dryer will do.
  • Do brush and massage your pug outside the house.
  • Pay extra attention to your pug’s food.

Is it normal for pugs to shed a lot?

Yes, the Pug dog sheds heavily. Pugs shed year-round, whereas most other dogs shed seasonally. All dogs go through a three-step process of hair growth, rest, and loss. The Pug breed tends to go through this cycle a lot faster than other dogs big or small.

Does shaving a pug help with shedding?

Shaving a pug doesn’t help with shedding.

The pug simply sheds shorter hairs, not fewer. There is really no point in shaving a double-coated dog. It doesn’t make them shed less, you run the risk of the coat growing back in even thicker than before, and it may never grow back in right.

How often do pugs Moult?

Pugs shed all year round – 365 days a year. However, like many other dog breeds, pugs tend to shed (even) more when the weather gets warmer in summer and their winter coat comes off. Another season when pugs shed the most is the time leading up to the winter when their coat thickens up.